What’s in a name?

From the very early years of our new nation, names did change. Whether it be that they were spelled as they were heard, that the person recording them spelled them the best that they could, or simply a family wanted a unique identifier. One person could be found with various spellings of his/her names from place to place, and in different years.

Here we seek the family Nipp/Knipp, or other variants of how it is spelled.

Who were our immigrant ancestors? Which “wave” or time frame did they migrate to the New World?

Were they the English Knipe or Neff? Recorded documents can be found in the Early Lancaster,Westmoreland, Leeds and other county areas of England for this family.

“HAWKSHEAD — Anne Holme, spinster, to keep the peace to John Knipe QSB/1/16/2 1626/7”

“Commission issued to William Knipe and Another Gentleman to examine the parties in the Suit of Fleminge and Others v. William Pennington and authority to compromise and determine the matters therein D PEN/BUNDLE 30/29 1652 20th July”

“Cat no. 122: Life of Felix Neff, pastor of the High Alps (R.T.S.) not dated”

Could it be the William Knepp transported by the record listed in early Virginia?

Knepp William 1641 William Burdett Accomack

Or were they of the German or Dutch ancestry that can be found in various locations throughout America?

From the foreigners imported in the ship Samuel, Hugh Percy, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Aug. 17, 1731 to Philadelphia. These people were not listed together. Are they from one family?

KNOPP, Johan Henrick
KNOPP, Philipp

KNOP, Henry
KNOP, Philip

KNOP, George
KNOP, Katrena
KNOP, Menea
KNOP, Peter

To the Palatine Ship PENNSYLVANIA MERCHANT 1733

Jacob Knop

And many more in early Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and colonial Virginia whose descendants traveled to new states as they were opened up for settlement.

The movement of the Nipp Knipp, and variant surnames, in early America continued throughout our history of which documented records can be found, along with oral family histories passed down through the generations.

So which one are you descended from? Join the Nipp Knipp KIN DNA project and let’s account for our ancestors and their legacy today!


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