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Clara J. Knipp

Clara J. Knipp, the daughter of Edmund Knipp and Unknown Spouse, was born approximately 1845 in Illinois. She married John Walton 1844 – 1877.

The 1850 U.S. Federal Census for Illinois, Hamilton, District 10 has the following family:

672 Nef Edmund 40 1810 Male Virginia
672 Nef Sarah 35 1815 Female Virginia
672 Perry Wade H 17 1833 Male Illinois
672 Nef Nathan 13 1837 Male Illinois
672 Nef Clara J 5 1845 Female Kentucky
672 Nef Morton 1 1849 Male Illinois

I haven’t located the location of the family in 1860, but going by the birthdates of the children, by 1866, the family was living in Missouri.

The 1870 U.S. Federal Census for Missouri, Callaway, Nine Mile Prairie has the following families located on pages 42 and 43:

299 Knip Sarah 60 1810 Female White Tennessee
299 Knip Martin 20 1850 Male White Illinois
299 Knip Eliza 16 1854 Female White Illinois
300 Walton Jno 26 1844 Male White Illinois
300 Walton Clara J 24 1846 Female White Illinois
300 Walton Edmond 4 1866 Male White Missouri
300 Walton Wm 2 1868 Male White Missouri
300 Walton Sarah 1 1869 Female White Missouri
305 Knip Nathan 34 1836 Male White Illinois
305 Knip Marthy 26 1844 Female White Ohio
305 Knip Margret 3 1867 Female White Missouri
305 Knip Sarah 2 1868 Female White Missouri
305 Knip Mary 1 1869 Female White Missouri
305 Knip Nancy 1 1869 Female White Missouri

The numbers preceding the surnames is the family number in order of visitation by the enumerator.

The 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Missouri, Callaway, Calwood has the following family:

Walton, Clary I., White, Female, 35, 1845 Self, Widowed, Kentucky

Walton, Silas E., White, Male, 14, 1866, Son, Single, Missouri

Walton, Sarah, White, Female, 11, 1869, Daughter, Single, Missouri

Walton, Nancy J., White, Female, 9, 1871, Daughter, Single, Missouri

Walton, John H., White, Male, 6, 1874, Son, Single, Missouri

The great grand daughter of Clara J. Nipp/Knipp Walton said that Clara named her son George Edmond Walton. She didn’t know where the enumerator got the name Silas. The great grand daughter gave the following information as to the children of Clara Nipp/Knipp Walton:
“Clara married John Walton and they had 4 children George Edmond Walton born 1868 Mo. Nannie Catherine (Walton) Means, Sarah Elizabeth (Walton) Palmer…..George and John and Nannie moved to Iowa from Callaway co Mo. George married Minnie Alice Wares 1894 Logan, Harrison Co Ia and John married Cora Alice Huey 1895 Glenwood, Mills Co Ia . Both George and John migrated to SD by 1898…”


Estes Floyd Plunk 1901 – 1919



Estes Floyd Plunk, the son of David Brazille Plunk and Rosa Belle Kelly was born 1 Dec 1901, Doniphan, Ripley, Missouri. He died of scarlet fever on 7 Oct 1919, Wagoner County, OK. His mother, my great grandmother, kept a lock of his hair tied by a blue ribbon in an unmarked envelope in her dresser drawer. My mother told me it was still there at her death in 1970.

His body was laid to rest at:
Vernon Cemetery, Coweta, Wagoner County, Oklahoma, USA
Plot: Section B; Block 16; Lot 8



Margaret J Knipp 1866 -1972

Margaret J. Knipp, the daughter of Nathaniel Knipp and Martha A. Scott, was born 12 Oct 1866 in Callaway County, Missouri. She died 15 Feb 1972 in Riverside County, California.
Auxvasse Cemetery
Callaway County
Missouri, USA

In 1890, Margaret J. Knipp married Elijah Peter Blankenship, a survivor of Gettysburg.

Rosalie Wertz says “I remember Aunt Mag Knipp Blankenship. She came to Missouri from Ca. to celebrate her 100th birthday with family in Mo. She was a cute little round lady, full of stories”.

Sherry Martin contributed this picture of Margaret “Mag” celebrating her 100th birthday,

Children of Margaret J. Knipp and Elijah Peter Blankenship:
Thomas N. Blankenship 1892 – 1960

Nathaniel Knipp 1836 – 1904

Nathaniel Knipp is the son of Edmund Knipp and Unknown Spouse. Nathaniel was born 24 Jan 1836 Illinois. On 15 May 1862, he married (1) Adra Elizabeth English, 1837 – 1863. MissouriMarriageRecords1805-2002ForNathenielKnipp english

On 11 June 1866, Nathaniel Knipp married (2) Martha A. Scott, 1844 – 1909.

Nathaniel died 1 Apr 1904 in Auxvasse, Callaway, Missouri, United States.

Nathaniel served in the Civil War:

Name: Nathan Knipp
Side: Confederate
Regiment State/Origin: Missouri
Regiment Name: Missouri Infantry Perkins’ Battalion
Regiment Name Expanded: Perkins’ Battalion, Missouri Infantry
Company: D
Rank In: Sergeant
Rank In Expanded: Sergeant
Rank Out: Sergeant
Rank Out Expanded: Sergeant
Film Number: M380 roll 9

Page 2

Sherry Martin contributed April 7, 1904 , Auxvasse Review, Callaway, MO
a08e7e7b-05a3-4a09-aa8b-758bd009634a  obit


From the research of Sherry Martin:
This pic taken around 1960. The names are easy to read in this pic but the dates are hard to see. This tombstone made by ? Scott, one of Nathan’s brother-in laws. The Scott has an identical tomb at Harrison Cemetary, Callaway County. If you look at Martin Van Buren Knipp stone you will see that he has sea shells on his also. Nathan and Martin were half brothers, sons of Edmund Knipp

Children of Nathaniel Knipp and Adra Elizabeth English:
Infant Boy Knipp 1863 – 1863
Adra Elizabeth English Knipp died in 1863 due to complications of childbirth

Children of Nathaniel Knipp and Martha A. Scott:
Margaret J Knipp 1866 – 1972
Sarah Elizabeth Knipp 1867 – 1955
Mary Knipp 1869 –
Nancy Knipp 1869 – 1880

David Brazille Plunk 1879/80 – 1955

Lineage of Tester B2836 – Proven
Tester B2836 is a proven descendant of David Brazille Plunk 1879/80 AR – 1955 OK.
B2836 Plunk
Living Plunk
Ira Brazille Plunk and Living Murdock
David Brazille Plunk and Rosa Belle Kelley

David Brazille Plunk is considered to be a non-paternal event. It is currently believed that he descends from a Nipp/Knipp, who is undetermined at this time.

The first written record that has been found of David Brazille Plunk is the 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Union, Ripley, Missouri, where he is listed as a lodger living with William Henry Plunk and Sophia Angeline Niswonger. His birthdate and place is listed as May 1879, AR. The family folklore is that David and his sister, Gertrude, were abandoned by their parents. The aforementioned Plunk family raised David and he simply assumed their surname. Another family raised Gertrude. David and his sister were reunited as adults, but unfortunately no one living today knows what the family name was of the people who raised her or what surname she was using.

David Brazille Plunk and his sister, Gertrude
David Brazille Plunk and his sister Gertrude

On 5 February 1901, in Ripley County, Missouri, David Plunk married Belle Kelley. The Kelley family lived close to the Plunk family, and the couple met when Belle would cross the creek to clean house for the Plunks.

ML of David and Belle Plunk

By the time of the 1910 U.S. Federal Census, the couple had migrated to Lone Star, Wagoner County, OK, and had the first five of twelve children.

Back row, left to right, David Brazille Plunk, Rosa Belle Kelley Plunk, Estes Plunk, O.O. (Bud) Plunk, Ancil Orick Plunk.
Front row, left to right, Ordie Given Plunk, Ruby Plunk, and Vessie David Plunk

Children of David Brazille Plunk and Rosa Belle Kelley
Estes Plunk
Orvan Orrin (Bud) Plunk
Ancil Orick Plunk
Vessie David Plunk
Ruby M Punk
Opal G Punk
Willow V Punk
Roxie V Punk
Lela B Punk
Jewel L Punk
Ira B Punk

David Brazille Plunk died at his home in Broken Arrow, OK on 11 July 1955.

Vernon Cemetery
Wagoner County
Oklahoma, USA

Edmund Knipp 1804-1867

Lineage of Tester 286120 – Proven
Tester 286120
Hubert Glenwood Knipp 1915 – 1990
Roy Martin Knipp 1892 – 1951
Martin Van Buren Knipp 1850 – 1912
Edmund Knipp 1804 – 1867

Photo contributed by Sherry Martin.
English Cemetery
Callaway County
Missouri, USA

The parents of Edmund Knipp are unknown at this time. The earliest written record found by his descendants is the 1850 U.S. Federal Census District 10, Hamilton, Illinois, in which he is listed as Edmund Nef, born about 1810 in Virginia. Yet, findagrave has his birth and death listed as Jun. 13, 1804, Virginia, USA – Mar. 23, 1867, Bachelor, Callaway County, Missouri, USA .

According to the County Court Records at McLeansboro, IL, Edmond Nip married Sarah Coons on 24 Feb 1848. This is believed to have ben his second marriage.

Children of Edmund Knipp and Unknown Spouse:
Nathaniel Knipp 1836 – 1904
Clara J Knipp 1846 –

Children of Edmund Knipp and Sarah Coons:
Martin Van Buren Knipp 1850 – 1912
Eliza I. Knipp

Census records:
1920 U. S. Federal Census Jackson, Callaway, MOa
Roy M Knipp 27
Florence B Knipp 25
Hubert G Knipp 4 [4 6/12]

1910 U.S. Federal Census Bryan, Douglas, MO.
Martin Knipp 60
Minerva Knipp 45
William Knipp 25
Roy Knipp 17
Flory Knipp 8

1900 U.S. Federal Census Jackson, Callaway, MO
Martin Knipp 51
Minerva A Knipp 36
John A Knipp 20
Wm N Knipp 16
Effie A Knipp 13
Roy M Knipp 7

1850 U.S. Federal Census District 10, Hamilton, Illinois
Edmund Nef 40
Sarah Nef 35
Wade H Perry 17
Nathan Nef 13
Clara J Nef 5
Morton Nef 1

The surname Knipp is often seen on census records, and other historical records as Nipp, Nepp, Neff, Ness, Knipp, and Knipe.