This site is a tribute to all Nipp Knipp and variants of the name. The main focus concerns the family histories of individuals, their ancestors and our hope of being able to tie multiple generations together with the use of DNA and documented sources of historical evidence.

Please consider becoming a member of this journey as we travel back in time through both documented history of your families and your DNA. This will increase your understanding of your ancestor’s hard struggles that contributed to your heritage.

To join our Nipp/Knipp KIN DNA project, you must be, or know of a male Nipp, Knipp or variant of the name, that will submit his DNA to be tested . Sorry, but at the present time, the project is focusing only on YDNA, so ladies, get your husbands, brothers, fathers, uncles involved.

Our Nipp Knipp KIN project is through Family Tree DNA. This company has the largest DNA database and is a leader in the science of genetic DNA. The bigger the pool, the more likely results will be found and with that, more connections will be made. Our Nipp Knipp Y-results are public and you can check them once your results have come in to make comparisons to other Nipp or Knipp testers.

A lot of people are not genealogists, and yet, there is always the someone in the family that becomes the story-teller and family history keeper. That person generally has a  questioning, natural curiosity of where they came from, who were their ancestors, what were their stories, what did they look like, etc. It’s very easy to get started to find out the answers to your many questions, but soon you find yourself searching for all the pieces that go back further and further in time. As this happens, you realize that your ancestors, along with many other people, were the trailblazers of our heritage. Our legacy is through them. As you start searching backward in time, you find the records that you seek harder and harder to find because of the many catastrophic events that took place in the early formation of our country. So what do you do? Where do you turn? This is where genetic genealogy is becoming one of the greatest tools that is available to us in fitting all the pieces together!

So look around and get involved with your history. Become a part of the Nipp Knipp KIN project today!


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